Monday, May 16, 2011

Frau-kenstein Lives

Soooo…yeah…about that Hausfrau blog.

I know, I know…I am that douche-y friend who hasn’t called in like two years and now wants your attention.

I know. And I’m sorry.

I once followed a blog for a few weeks until, suddenly, the writer just stopped posting. After a month or two, I thought maybe she died. Surely a blogger with only a few readers would let people know why they weren’t posting…unless they were dead.  I mean, bloggers have to be considerate to their readers, right? Right?

She wasn’t dead. And neither am I. I could give a list of excuses but that would only serve to compound the lame. So, I will tell you the top 10 things I’ve been up to since November:

1) Not blogging (duh).

2) Either being surrounded by the breathtaking joy and wonder that is motherhood and immersed in being ‘fully present’ with my rapidly growing toddler or crying/screaming “I need more time away from this family to be meeeeeeee!”

3) Hunting morels and then being really angry because it rained for  a thousand days, work got stupid & busy, and then the season ended.

4) Turning 40 (the actual day was spent driving 15 hours to TX for a family emergency.)

5) Learning to “communicate & interact with my spouse in such a way that is productive and respectful to me, my husband, the martial bond, and the parental-unit relationship.”

6) ‘Fall cleaning.’ Since November. Yes. And, yes…the place is still a mess.

7) Seeing the family doctor about my 'stress levels.'

8) Joining Weight Watchers (again) and dropping 20 pounds. Missing wine. Alot.

9) Savoring my last days as a mother to a ‘baby’ and my last days as a mother to a senior in high school.

10) Joining the Southern Illinois Roller Girls Derby team. We're like peas and carrots, derby & me.

But let’s move on, shall we? I promise I’ll try to do better from now on.

Why did I stop watching  Letterman?